On September 14th, 15th & 16th of 2012, Deyana Matt and Christopher Goodwin will be celebrating their marriage in Galena, Illinois. This site provides you with more information regarding their unique wedding weekend getaway as well as the option to digitally RSVP to the events by August 10th 2012.


The tabs to the left, or any red words, are all active links that provide you with more information on Our Galena Weekend Getaway, Lodging, Dinning, Tours and Activities so please take your time to review all the different things we have planned as well as view our Itinerary for the weekend. 


What's new with the Goodwins?

Well, lots of things of course!  House hunting continues to be a priority for us - looking for new digs to bring a little more space to our family (read as: zoo).  But we're also planning some great things for the summer of 2014!

With the addition of a motorcycle to the stable, Dee and I have had a lot of fun taking day trips and doing a little sport-touring around northern Illinois.  If you're interested in getting together for a ride - let us know!  We're planning more than one trip up to Lake Geneva this year as well as a host of other places (Galena included!).

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Visit Deyana's comical Wedding Blog to see how the planning of this special weekend all came together piece by piece. Make sure to leave a comment or two on the various posts and even become a follower of the blog!